Filthy Five at the 2014 Camp Pendleton Mud Run

ima’s staff recently participated in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run with Aaron Raney, Bryce Frost, Joey Perez, Ryan Yao, and Tyler Hannah representing team ima on the 5K course. Throughout the race, they endured water shot from a fire hose; lunging for 20 yards and hurdling over logs; sandbag overhead press; navigating through an authentic Marine Corp training combat town; traversing the same bridge used overseas to cross crevices and canyons; and climbing the infamous slippery hill. The race wrapped up with the Filthy Fun Fest where participants and spectators socialized with music, food, and games.

ima’s Bryce Frost’s most memorable and enjoyable experiences were the buoyancy of the mud and sand pools and the most challenging was bear crawling 100 yards through a rope chute in mud. Overall, Bryce said he, “enjoyed representing ima outside of the office as a team. We started together, finished together, and cleaned the mud out of our ears together. We all enjoyed hanging out on the lawn at the race sponsored after party put on by the race complete with great live music, refreshments, and awesome food vendors.”