IAAPA 2018: Rob Moffat and Yumi Sonoda


Rob Moffat, Principal
m (949) 400-0913


Yumi Sonoda, Senior Associate
m (949) 973-1077

IAAPA’s Theme and Amusement Park Outlook Report (2017 to 2021) anticipated the 2018 themed and amusement park attendance to be 398.5 million, and guest spending to exceed $23.58 billion. ima's Clients are delivering high quality projects, attracting these guests to the parks, attractions, and resorts we are currently designing for major developments in Tokyo, Anaheim, Highland, and Park City, Utah. We will be at the IAAPA (International Association of Amusements Parks and Attractions) conference this November, benchmarking the latest mind blowing ideas in entertainment and connecting with the top leadership in themed design. Our entertainment design lead, Rob Moffat (Principal) and senior designer Yumi Sonoda (Senior Associate), will be there to represent our portfolio of successfully built theme parks, attractions and themed resorts.

Rob Moffat
Rob Moffat is an award-winning Director of Design; his projects have earned recognition from USA Today and the annual International Design & Development Awards. His experience includes the San Manuel Casino Hotel Expansion, Harrah’s Rincon Hotel Resort Area Development, and the Motiongate Theme Park in Dubai. He is currently working on resort projects throughout the United States.
Yumi Sonoda
Yumi Sonoda has successfully developed concepts for projects ranging from popular lifestyle centers, streetscape retail, and community town centers to boutique hospitality. Her unique talent lies in taking the core elements of a storyline and crafting it into an engaging area development design. Her recently completed designs include a local theme park development and a highly themed retail mixed use destination in Shanghai.
If you have any questions about IAAPA 2018 or would like to schedule an appointment during the conference, don’t hesitate to reach out us.