ima Continues to Reach Out to the Community


ima is continuing its commitment to improve the community in a variety of ways. Recently, ima staff participated in the Rancho Mission Viejo Trail Clearing and Weeding which took place on Saturday May 13, 2014. ima’s Aaron Raney, Chris Arnold, and Ann Cutner spent their Saturday in beautiful RMV surroundings helping to make the Reserve Trails accessible to visitors.

ima has close ties to RMV as the Master Landscape Architect for the PA 2 development. PA 2 is roughly 800 acres and includes approximately 3,000 dwellings along with neighborhood retail, schools, child care facilities and other support services. ima’s main focus was to lead the design of the PA 2 landscape and amenities programs, design studies for the community garden, recreation facilities, parks, trails, amenities and open space areas. The program responds to the interests of diverse groups within the community offering unique experiences.