ima Projects in the News: Qingpu’s Frog City Opening, Shanghai, China


Client Developer: DDI International
Design Consortium: CCD Japan and ima


We are celebrating the opening of our project, Frog City, in Qingpu, Shanghai. The project began design in 2015 and is projected to open in December 2019.

ima was contracted to bring the retail mixed use development a storyline to become the heart and soul of the development. Combining retail with office and residential, the two block site needed character development to activate the retail core, creating a destination drawing guests from a wide region. Additionally, ima crafted a programming matrix to provide unique experiences to generate longer and repeat visits.

Our team provided development services to guide the client through the process of a conceptual program and design to deliver a one of a kind development. From fictional character development, site programming, area development, and guest experience; ima created a full creative concept and worked closely with the Local Design Institute to set Qingpu apart from other retail centers.

ima thrives in projects with a sophisticated storyline and attention to detail. Through our more than 50 year relationship with Disney, we have learned story telling from the best story tellers in the world.

Do you have a project needing a sense of story in the space? Contact our Director of Marketing Jason Gladding at or our Director of Asia Operations Glenn Ho at today.