Master Planning

Our experienced master planning team assesses a land use challenge and strategically plans the best way to develop a site, both economically and environmentally.

We have created multiple large scale installations demonstrating our ability to define and design exceptional spaces.

Whether alone or in collaboration, we can determine and communicate a preferred planning vision that combines client goals, community expectations and environmental standards. We work very closely with the client, the community and the approval agencies in formulating a master plan strategy, complete with implementation programming, to formulate a vision that balances both economic need and the natural environment.

Development Services

We lend our expertise on determining the appropriate combination of uses, from large scale communities to smaller, urban infill sites.

ima’s varied experience enables us to work with clients in defining and promoting a mix of real estate elements within a single development.
Once an anchor element is established, we can suggest and accommodate complementary uses including restaurant, retail, theater, residential or resort. By understanding the unique needs of these users, we can design appealing common areas that encourage pedestrian flow and community appeal.


Our GIS capabilities provide a critical tool for understanding the issues and identifying land-use solutions. Our planners are extremely adept in making multiple public presentations on project findings and advocating development conclusions, which in turn, speeds approval.


Data Driven Decision Making
ima’s designers are able to use the power of GIS to analyze the land and create a matrix of data that guides decision making through a scientific study.

Quantitative Analysis & Evaluation
Through the collection of scientific data, our planners use the information to draft a quantitative planning direction driven by actual land data revealed through careful analysis.


Spatial Analysis (3D)
Once land uses are determined and defended by the data, ima’s designers implement a design vision into our visualization process, creating a virtual environment that can then be spatially analyzed in a 3D simulation, fully explorable during the design process.

Qualitative Design Decisions
After the design is communicated visually, ima and the Client can make Qualitative Design Decisions in real-time inside the virtual environment created by ima’s visualization experts.

Maximizing the Opportunity & Value of Real Estate Investment

At ima, we are artists and business people.

We have a gift of imagining beauty and crafting opportunities. We approach each assignment with a contagious enthusiasm. We bring depth of experience, from large-scale master planning and engineering, to product selection and site placement.

Landscape architecture is a professional discipline that combines the beauty of the natural environment with an ability to improve the communities and places where people congregate, interact and live. Our work amazes and entertains thousands of people a day.

We thrive in collaboration and are energized by new ideas. Our designs feature a strong concept, a good idea and a little soul. That’s why they endure and improve over time. And, that’s why our prestigious clients keep coming back.

We don’t believe in form without substance. Our work addresses not only site function, but also a greater, more spiritual element. We believe that landscape architecture enriches the human experience by making people feel good about their surroundings and in turn, about themselves. Imagine, if everyone felt better about themselves, how much more receptive and open they would be to explore and participate in a community experience whether in a shopping mall, a downtown streetscape or a tropical resort. And we believe if everyday our plazas, gardens and streetscapes move just a few people toward goodness, then we have truly succeeded.