Congratulations to ima’s Newest Partner: Leo O’Brian

Leo O’Brian (MLA ‘90) recently became ima’s newest partner. ima is a premiere, national and international, 20+ year planning and landscape architectural firm based in Southern California. Leo currently leads and is instrumental in overseeing the design and implementation of over 12 live/work communities that are currently home to over 70,000 residents ranging from 300 to over 2000 acres. Concurrently, Leo also drives large Multi-Family/Apartment Communities and Commercial Property project teams throughout Southern and Northern California. His design approach and process compliment a highly refined understanding of urban design heralded by the insistence of design detail that finely crafts a unique sense of community for each project.

The needs and desires of residents within each community are as diverse and far reaching as the land and context of each project. Inspiration of the land along with a devotion to quality lifestyle provides Leo the vision for design. The vision manifests itself into an urban design approach which creates a framework of logic and support for the community. Within this framework, a network of horizontal and vertical layers combine to provide a clear sense of livability, recreation, education, employment and indisputable connectivity. The vocabulary of design expression and ultimate resolution of these components reinforces social attachment, providing a sense of pride and memories for generations to come.

“It is our responsibility and our privilege as land designers, spatial analysts and eco-managers to observe, listen, interpret and ultimately create these places that will stand the test of time and enrich generations to come.”