ima Adopts a Family

The ima family decided to celebrate differently this Holiday Season providing gifts on behalf of our Clients and Friends to our adopted family via Pathways of Hope. Our family this year was Sherol and her three year old daughter, Penelope Rose.

Pathways of Hope provided ima with a wish list containing sizes, favorite colors, and other interests. In hopes of providing a joyful holiday, ima staff gathered a Children’s Bike, Barbies, Blankets, Coloring Books, Clothes, and gift cards among other items. This is ima’s second year supporting a family a Christmas with our friends at Pathways of Hope.

“Pathways of Hope (PoH) works closely with local governmental agencies, congregations and community volunteers to identify and meet the needs of the homeless and economically disadvantaged in the Southern California area. Although PoH is located in Fullerton CA, it touches a much larger community as we work together to combat homelessness. PoH programs and services include transitional facilities for Families and Individuals, Food Distribution Center, Hope for the Home Bound and many other services.”

Maria Mazzenga the Executive Director for Pathways of Hope came to the ima office to collect the gifts and strike a quick pose. ima thanks Pathways of Hope for providing us the opportunity reach out to the community and encourage all who are interested in learning more to visit