ima Attends the ACCS China Enterprise Lunch

ima was in attendance at the American Chinese CEO Society (ACCS) China Enterprise Lunch held at the Le Ka restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. The lunch was attended by the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce Pacific South Region Director, Richard Swanson; California State Governor’s Office Deputy Director, Brian Peck; Shanghai Government LA Office Director, Kenneth He; and sponsored by Huawei Corporate, the second largest tech solutions company in the world based in Shenzen, China and employing 120,000 people.

Director of Marketing Jason Gladding and Director of China Operations Glenn Ho are shown here with (from right to left) Vice President of Greenland USA, Sun Yi, one of the largest state owned enterprises in Shanghai; David Sun and Lilian Wang from American New Era Media Group, a Chinese Media outlet; and Kathy Kung of ACCS.