ima Projects in the News: Los Angeles Southwest College


The Los Angeles Southwest College prides itself on the endless opportunities available to all students, regardless of their educational and financial background. By proudly supporting “lifelong learning” in a genuine, holistic community, the nearly eighty year-old college housed almost 3 million students with varying age ranges and diverse backgrounds. Each year, it continues to welcome more. The open-door policy of the college translates to all aspects of the school; the teachers and educational value combined with the many student gathering areas offer extra enrichment opportunities to each student in unique ways. When providing the conceptual design for the college, ima kept LACCD’s inviting reputation in mind, carefully weaving the colleges’ values into its design.  

ima worked closely with the Los Angeles Southwest College design team throughout the process to redesign the central plaza for the campus. Leo O'Brian, the ima principal on the project, encouraged more extracurricular activities and an enhanced experience for students, and a new Bistro at the top of the steps quickly became a hub for student life. Circulation was dramatically improved and further articulated through ima’s design, lighting and informal seating experiences.

The design solution creates a green, inviting atmosphere for the campus center and includes a simple, pristine setting for the new President’s Annex, Library and Theater Plaza as well as a new parking structure arrival sequence.  

The end result was a campus transformation perfectly aligned with the colleges’ values and goals. The redesign will promote a strong sense of community for students, faculty, and guests.

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