ima Provides Services to HomeAid Orange County & Pathways of Hope


In recent years, ima staff have actively supported Pathways of Hope. For the past 39 years, Pathways of Hope’s non-profit mission is rebuilding the lives of people who are hungry and homeless. ima provided services for the construction of two new buildings for the Pathways of Hope housing program.

ima’s Ann Cutner, Angela Woodward, Nikki Wilbur, and Tracy Crady attended the Dedication Ceremony for HomeAid Orange County’s 50th Development, the Pathways of Hope Fullerton Project. On May 20th, ima was recognized at the Dedication Ceremony as part of the design and construction team providing Schematic Design through Construction Documents and Construction Observation. Landscape and hardscape Low Impact Development (LID) features included pervious paving, private patios and urban farming orchards. ima is proud to give back to the community and assist in improving the lives of others.