JOST Design Series Tour

Developer: Irvine Company

Jeffrey Open Space Trail (JOST) is a 76 acre 3.5-mile linear park located in the Northern Sphere of Irvine, CA. ima is the Landscape Architect of Record for Segment 1 and 3 led by ima Partner/Principal Leo O'Brian.

This work was concurrent to ima's design and execution of the adjacent 331 acre community of Cypress Village. 

As part of ima’s Design Series, staff toured JOST, lead by with Leo and another ima Principal, Blair Evans, to learn about insights into the implementation and design process. Discuss topics included:

  • Constructability, materials, and finishes used on the project. 

  • Additions made since the project was completed. Specifically, the Trabuco Center and the new connection to the Trail.

  • ima coordination items were discussed and the challenges.

  • Assessed wayfinding, rest stops and artwork throughout the park and how the materials have performed.

"Each segment speaks to the history of this region and the creation of the City of Irvine while providing a welcoming and educational parkland experience for Orange County."
Leo O'Brian