Leo O’Brian Juries Cal Poly SLO ASLA National Honor and Merit Award


This past March, Leo O’Brian, partner at ima, joined with four other professional landscape architects to serve as the jury for six ASLA Merit Award nominees from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The additional professional landscape architect jurist were Gere Smith, Terry Lee, Eric Berg, and Richard Zweifel.

The jury considered Artistic and Technical Quality, Presentation and Verbal Skills, Motivation and Responsibility, Critical Thinking and Design, Verbal, Written, and Graphic Communication. Two Certificates of Merit were awarded to students demonstrating notable academic and design accomplishments in their presentation. For the two Merit Awards bestowed, the student were described as “strong eye for spatial development; beautiful plan graphics; confident speaker that engages the audience without being overpowering; excellent critical thinking; and well thought out solutions.

ima is proud to invest in the future of our profession with the talented students of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and the other distinguished institutions dedicated to raising up the next generation of designers entrusted with the future of our public and private spaces.